Telecommunications giant MTN has launched its eighth edition of the Twin City Festival to bring out the rich cultural elements in the Western and Western North regions.

MTN Twin City Fest which has become one of the major celebrations for the people of Western and Western North Regions do not only entertain but also help unite families and communities in the regions since its inception in 2011.  

The festival seeks to engage the hearts and minds of MTN’s cherished customers, with innovative products and services as well as seeking feedback to enhance the company’s service delivery that’s according to the Acting Regional Senior Manager, South-West Business Division of MTN Ghana, Mohammed Tiyuniba Yakubu.

He said, “the month-long program is a well-structured activity meant to give us an opportunity to interact with our customers and most importantly impact the communities positively through the implementation of numerous community projects.” 

Mr Tiyuniba Yakubu added that the event would also provide a platform for the subscribers of MTN and other stakeholders to share their concerns with regards to services provided by the telecommunication company.

He said, “The company has decided to bring people together, inform them about their operations, and expose them to some of their products and services“.

Mr Tiyuniba Yakubu used the opportunity to inform their cherished customers on the introduction of the 4G plus technology which is bringing faster internet speed to users. 

The Twin City fest is expected to be more exciting and impactful than the previous years with the introduction of very exciting and engaging activities such as health screening, health walk, Community/Customer Forum; retailer Forum and Momo Forum. 

Twin City Fest is one of several regional festivals designed by MTN across the country to acknowledge and promote the rich culture of the communities in which the company operates.

Other regional festivals include Koftownfest (Eastern Region) Ashantifest (Ashanti Region), Suncityfest (Brong Ahafo Region) and Savannafest (for the three Northern Regions).  


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