As part of activities to mark the 20th anniversary of MTN Ghana is set to handover a 4.2 million Ghana cedis maternity block to authorities at the Tema General Hospital.

The 40-bed maternity block comprises of a 20-bed first stage ward, and another 20-bed lying in ward with one theatre. It would also have a 7-bed monitoring and recovery ward, nurses’ station and changing rooms, sluice rooms, pantry and store, two consultation rooms, two doctors’ office and restrooms, nurses’ office and nurses’ restroom.

The facility will further have a kitchen and eatery, washrooms and reception.
This comes in the wake of challenges pregnant women face with regards to space at the hospital when they go for treatment.

The Tema General Hospital is the 3rd highest in Ghana with regards to deliveries and delivered about 7,000 babies in 2015 only, seeing over 12,000 pregnant women annually. The current maternity with about a 10 bed capacity currently caters for almost 40 patients with more on corridors etc.

The Project was identified through a media reportage and a follow up was made to confirm the need.

The MTN Foundation met with the hospital authorities to define the scope of the intended projectAs part of 3 key projects to mark MTN Ghana’s 20th Anniversary in Ghana the MTN Ghana Foundation board approved under its health Portfolio the construction of a 40 bed Maternity Block for the hospital.

They will on Wednesday May 23, 2018 officially handover the facility to authorities of the Tema General hospital.



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