MultiChoice has assured clients of their commitment to provide quality television programmes that will continue to give them value for money.

MultiChoice Ghana operates Pay for TV services DSTV and GoTV and has been operating in Ghana for 17 years now.

Over the last six months, some Ghanaian viewers of DSTV in particular have expressed concern over a sharp increase in the cost of subscription.

Speaking to JOYNEWS on the sidelines of the 19th CNN African Journalist Awards, CEO of MultiChoice, Nico Meyer, explained the charges were affected by the exchange rate variations.

“We have to react to economic realities in country. We are buying content in from international suppliers and we have to honour those obligations… we are constantly reviewing our business case in each country we have to constantly stay abreast of changes in the economy…as the economic situation changes so it will follow,” he said.

Mr. Meyer dismissed arguments that other countries like Nigeria who have a bigger market get a better pricing agreement.

“we operate across 50 countries and evaluate on a country by country basis and what is more important is our overall philosophy and we employ local staff and when we review the business case per country we do it with the locals…so we don’t use a view of what fits for one fits for another.”

Joynews has learnt that MultiChoice Ghana pays about the highest tax rates on the continent hence more than 60 percent of charges are affected by high tax obligations.