Party supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) manhandled and prevented Multimedia Journalists from entering the party’s Greater Accra Regional office Thursday.

This was after the journalists received tip-off that some police officers had stormed the premises ostensibly to restore law and order after the peace was breached.

The cause for the breach of peace was sketchy but the supporters said they did not want any intrusion.

According to Joy News’ Joseph Ackay-Blay when they arrived at the premises they saw the police vehicle leaving the scene which they captured on camera.

“It was at that point that five gentlemen who were part of about 15 others on the compound approached us and one of them held the trousers of the camera guys and tried to take his camera away from him.

“There were lots of back and forth and they wanted the footage recorded of the police deleted shouting ‘you were not invited here,” he said.

The cameraman said the exchanges got heated so they handed the camera over to a man who said he knew how to operate the camera to delete the said footage but  ended up admitting he could not operate the camera.

It is unclear why the police stormed the largest opposition party’s premises but inscription on the walls read “This property is on the Nii Osu family land. Produce documents [with contact of two persons to send the documents or any concerns to] before September 30”.

However, Joy FM checks with the family revealed that they only requested for documentation from those who have bought land from them and do not see any connection between that and the police visit to the premises. 

The Greater Accra Chairman of the party told Joy News there is nothing happening at the party office arguing that it is the police's duty to protect lives and property so there was nothing wrong with police being there to protect the property.