Asiedu Nketiah is NDC's General Secretary

The General Secretary of the NDC has described the MP for Asawase and some of his colleagues as gallant MPs and deserving of a national award for defending the Constitution of Ghana.

According to Asiedu Nketiah, the actions of these MPs on Thursday were necessitated by the manoeuvrings of the NPP side in Parliament to subvert the Constitution and rig the election of Speaker of Parliament.

“So that is why I called those who were involved in that activity gallant MPs. He (Muntaka Mubarak) stood up in defence of democracy and our Constitution,” he said at a press conference, Friday.

Although the conduct of the MPs has been condemned by the public as being disruptive and unbecoming of the country’s lawmakers Mr Nketia thinks otherwise.

Muntaka Mubarak deserves national award for defending constitution - Asiedu Nketia on scuffle in Parliament

“When you talk about disruptive conduct it does not include the conduct that is intended to prevent wrong doing, so, Muntaka acted well. We should award him a national prize,” he added.

His comment comes after many people called out lawmakers for their actions in Parliament on Thursday morning.

There was a scuffle on the floor of Parliament over the election of Speaker of Parliament among other disagreements.

Some MPs were seen kicking down ballot boxes, while some tried to make away with the ballot papers during the collation process.

This culminated in the deployment of military to the floor. Another act that was described as needless and an affront to Ghana’s democracy.

Mr Nketia’s call for a national award for Muntaka is in particular reference to the role he played in preventing Carlos Ahenkorah’s attempt at disrupting the collation process of the Speakership election.

The Asawase MP Muntaka along with others was seen running after and apprehending Mr Ahenkorah.

Ghanaians including some MPs have called for some action to be taken against all those who disrupted the processes.

But Asiedu Nketia believes that “where injustice and impunity become law, then resistance becomes a duty.”

“So somebody is doing something wrong, you have tried using every means to stop him he will not stop you must resist him with all the force you can command, and that is lawful.”

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