An Accra Circuit Court has asked a 30-year-old musician to pay a fine of ¢2,400 for stealing items valued ¢167.87, belonging to Shoprite Company.

In default, David Ike, an Australian would serve a three-month jail term.

He denied the charge but was found culpable after the trial

Ike is also facing trial in a different court over alleged use of a narcotic drug without authority.

The convict in his defence told the Court he picked the items and was going to pay but he was told the place had closed.

In sentencing, Justice Ruby Naa Aryeteey, a High Court Judge sitting as an additional Circuit Court Judge considered the facts that he was in custody for two years.

Besides, all the stolen items were retrieved, the cost, Mr Ike being a foreigner and having no fixed place of abode.

Police Inspector Samuel Ahiabor told the Court that the complainant is a security guard at the West Hills Mall located at Weija whilst Ike had no fixed place of abode.

On August 8, 2018, at about 2000 hours, whilst customers were shopping at the Mall, the convict also entered the Shoprite section of the Mall and picked a bag, where he loaded it with pieces of Cring Crackers biscuit, one medi-soft soap, two pieces of Lindor chocolate, two sets of Floral tissue, underwear, two plastic bottles of Voltic water, one packet of Burger peanuts and a bag, all valued ¢167.85.

He said Mr Ike did not pay and walked out of the shop but he was apprehended by the said security man who asked him to produce receipts covering the items.

Inspector Ahiabor said after failing to provide the receipt, he was then handed over to the policeman at post and a search on him revealed one wrap of a substance suspected to be a narcotic drug.

He was re-arrested by the New Weija Police together with the exhibit for investigations.

Inspector Ahiabor said in his cautioned statement, Mr Ike admitted the offences whilst the exhibit was sent to the forensic laboratory for examination.

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