Dear Joy FM,

I grew up listening to you. That is mainly because you were the only channel my mum listened to.

Her reason back then was simple, her pastor preaches on the channel. So in order not to miss a session she got hooked up in the process and so did I.

Whenever we heard anything on another station, she will quickly ask me in Ga “Joy biii ewri33?

Meaning, ‘has Joy said it’?

I could tell you from the top of my head all that happened on the channel from dawn to dusk. The Super Morning Show, Cosmopolitan Mix, Lunch Time Rhythms, DriveTime, Weekend City Show, Joy Beat Jam and my favourite radio drama series, ‘Things we do for love’ on Saturday afternoons, just to name a few. I listened to them all.

And not to forget the incredible presenters like Komla Dumor of blessed memory, Gabby Ajetey, Mawuco Zomelo, Doreen Andor, Tommy Anann Forson, the Roverman and my weekend sensation ‘yor yor yorrr yorr yor Azigizar on Joy…… (I am already smiling).

My letter to Joy FM on its 25th birthday

Of course, I used to get so excited when I hear your jingle. And I could never stop myself from singing along to the; ‘We bring you joooooooooy on the air waves, we bring you joooooooooyy lighten u……p your life cooooolllllssss your day !

Again I am smiling from those fond memories. Indeed, Joy99.7 was the station that takes you to heaven and back

What I didn’t know back then was that God was preparing me to grow up to become part of this dream and vision championed by one man who took the risk to start this.

Kwasi Twum, KT as we affectionately call him, has been a blessing to not just me, but many others.

 Today, those who know me can attest to the fact that I can speak very well and have developed much confidence since I joined this team some years ago.

Back then, Joy was just a station that brightened up my life and gave me good childhood memories, but now it so much more. I have made friends that are more than family, developed networks that goes beyond the office space.

My letter to Joy FM on its 25th birthday

I have spent so much time in the office, that it is now a second home. The woman who introduced me to Joy, actually calls me every day to find out when I will close.

I will never regret coming into contact with Joy FM and the Multimedia brand. As the company celebrates its 25th birthday, all I can ask from God is that my story will not only be exclusive to me but relatable.

May Joy continue to impact positively in the lives of children, the youth and Ghanaians in general. May that impact also go beyond the country’s borders.

From mum and I, we say thank you.  #ILoveJoy #WeLoveJoy

The writer is a Producer/Director with JoyPrime and Adom TV

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