Comic actor, Samuel Seth Kwabena Karikari, popularly known as Koo Fori, has disclosed that his mother wept after seeing him perform on TV for the first time.

According to him, being the son of the reverend minister and a devoted Christian, stepping into the shoes of a drunkard on set was really difficult for him.

“I think the whole thing started in 2000. My mum cried bitterly the very first day she saw me on TV. She visited a church member who was ill and they were showing a drunkard on TV,” he told Andy Dosty on Hitz FM‘s Daybreak Hitz.

“They were discussing the character and when the camera zoomed in, it was her son,” he said. 

When asked if she still abhors his profession, Koo Fori said, “she is illiterate so it took her a long time to accept it but now she is claiming more fans than me.”

Koo Fori gained prominence in the Ghanaian space when he played a round character in a local television series dubbed ‘Efiewura’.

His comic drunken-gestures wowed the audience who patronised the show and he was one of the many characters to watch out for anytime the show airs.

According to him, his role has not affected his business and affiliations. This he attributes to the fact that he does not drink in real life.

“Now everyone knows there is no reality in it so it hasn’t affected me in any way,” he added.