Over the years, Okyeame Kwame has established himself as one of the best musicians in Ghana and beyond.

For 16 years and counting his music has continuously inspired and massively won the heart of all. It usually focuses on affairs of love, life and family.

Currently, Okyeame has released a single off his fifth solo album, the “African Connection” titled “It’s your time’’ which features Congolese singer, Lelo.

The concept behind this song is positivism. It describes the troubles and stresses we go through as human in our daily life.

He states that the motivation of this song is directed to everybody; especially the youth that listens to his music and this is to give inspiration to them.

Okyeame believes his orientation and beliefs influence his music. He said “a discerning person is gentle, positive and progressive, someone who looks out for change, and someone who doesn’t like rowdiness and appreciate quality.”

He added that music is a feeling and not something he tries hard to achieve. His music also contains some spirituality, it entertains, informs and calls for action.

The Rap Docter sees himself as a positive person hence the messages carried in his songs are couched distinctively to satisfy the positive thinking people and to generate satisfaction.  

He agrees that music is diverse and for everyone but he believes he attracts some type of people who identify with his music.

Okyeame Kwame is certain he cannot please everyone in life so he chooses his audience carefully.