Member of Parliament for the Nhyiaeso Constituency, Dr Stephen Amoah has achieved so much from both a personal and political standpoint.

The last of 5 children, he lost his father, Opanyin Kwaku Amoah at a young age, but had the support of his mother, Grace Akosua Nyarko throughout the many challenges of his life, and still does.

Of royal lineage Dr Amoah grew up in the Ashanti Region; Ashtown to be precise. At an early age, he showed signs of promise, and was kept under the watchful eye of his mother to ensure that he would stay on the straight and narrow and not fall prey to bad company like his oldest brother did.

After gaining admission to Opoku Ware Senior Secondary School, where he acquired the name ‘Sticker’, the legislator revealed to host Lexis Bill that it had been given to him by his colleagues because of his photographic memory.

“The ‘Sticker’ name came as a result of the fact that I could really memorize [things]…I remember it was trigonometry or something in mathematics, I could really memorize those things and they gave me [the name] ‘Sticosta’; it sticks. And it went through a metamorphosis and it became ‘Sticker’,” he said.

Young Amoah soon found himself on the campuses of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) where he obtained a degree in Computer Science. But before that, he received a diploma in Pharmacy from Kumasi Polytechnic.

Having nurtured a love for politics as a teenager, the university’s student groups offered him the perfect chance to launch his political career.

His reputation as a student politician preceded him, and so even as a first-year student in KNUST, he was instrumental in the New Patriotic Party’s activities on campus as an Executive Member and later became the Regional President of TESCON, Ashanti Regional Chapter.

Regrettably, Dr Amoah, now a Financial Manager and an Investment Consultant by profession, disclosed that his commitment to politics affected his academic performance

“… I used my first year doing politics in Upper East. When I came back, a few weeks to exams it was terribly bad … We drove my car to the North and I stayed there for a long time and when we came back, I even failed some of my papers”.

Unperturbed by that he focussed on his studies and successfully completed KNUST and even won a scholarship to study Strategic Financial Management in the United Kingdom.

Years on, after going as far as bagging a PhD in Applied Mathematics (Finance Option), Dr Amoah attributes his success in life to three things; prayer, faith and action.

“From childhood, I have relied strongly on God, it works for me, I do not know of others. I believe in three in life; prayer, faith, and action. And they are like a tripod stand in my life.

Speaking in an interview on Joy FM’s Personality Profile Thursday, Dr Amoah emphasized that without the right balance of these 3 elements, nothing will work for the Christian.

“And that is where most Christians fail, they think after praying and they have strong faith in God they are done, but I do not do that, I act. They are like a tripod stand, if one is not there the other two won’t work,” he said.

The former Chief Executive Officer of the Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) describes himself as a persistent person.

“I rely on God and I am the type of person that, I persist.

“In the Bible when Jesus was travelling on the sea, there were waves. You see, in life, you have a lot of ‘waves’; we have people who will lie about you, people who will try to get you off track, people who want to force their advice on you.”

“So for me when you speak to me, I analyze it if it is okay, I take it if it is not, I do not take it.”

Through faith and persistence, Dr Amoah became the Chief Finance Officer of Kencity and also served as the Deputy National Coordinator of the National Insurance Authority (NHIA).

In February 2017, he was appointed by President Akufo-Addo as the Chief Executive Officer for the Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC).

This year, he goes into Parliament for the first time after having lost on 2 previous occasions. There he hopes to contribute to nation-building fueled by his love and passion for people.

“I have to do something for my country, the world and society,” he concluded.

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