Actress and media personality Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku will in the next coming months promote the business of young entrepreneurs on her Instagram page.

An entrepreneur herself, the Strong & Sassy presenter on Joy FM believes the initiative is her widows' mite to growing young businesses.

“As an upcoming entrepreneur running two businesses – Jaarno, a digital foodstuff market and April Communications, a theatre production company – I have come to appreciate the struggles young entrepreneurs face in Ghana,” she told

She announced her message of support on her Instagram page on Monday, inviting young entrepreneurs to send her their business details so she shares them every week. 

According to Mrs Mensah-Doku, she is said product of networking thus her motivation to use her social media to promote up and coming entrepreneurs at no cost.

“It’s not easy. Getting people to know about your business is even a challenge, cost of advertising is simply unbearable,” she said.

Mrs Mensah-Doku, who also hosts Joy FM’s flagship entertainment show Showbiz A-Z, called on people with massive social media following to use their platforms to assist young people especially those with businesses to sell their messages across.

“The truth is, I have over 844,000 followers on Instagram, that’s a lot of people and I realized I can use my platform to help young entrepreneurs who are in a similar situation as me. It’s not much, but that’s the least I can do to help too,” she said.

She further appealed to others with platforms that reach the masses to join in this campaign.”

The Perfect Picture star, however, advised people to be vigilant so they are not taken advantage of in the era where online scamming has become rife.

“I can’t vouch for the credibility of these businesses, but I’ll definitely do my due diligence, hoping that potential buyers also play their part too,” she said.