The Campaign team of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Nadowli West Constituency has said they would use all legitimate means to ensure that no electoral fraud is perpetrated in the constituency during the December 7 polls.

The campaign team in a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency at Wa on Thursday said they had received reports that one of the Parliamentary candidates for the constituency was allegedly sponsoring candidates in other constituencies to transfer their votes to Nadowli West.

They said all transfer of voters to the constituency was being closely monitored to ensure that they conform to the Electoral Commission’s regulation 20 and 23.

In that respect, only applicants who had resided in the constituency for a minimum of two months were eligible to transfer their votes to the constituency and a proof of residence according to the NPP would be required before they are allowed to vote.

The Nadowli West NPP campaign team advised individuals who do not meet the criteria set by the Electoral Commission but had been recruited by politicians to perpetrate electoral fraud on the people of the constituency to abstain from that agenda in their own interest.

“We shall resist with all our might and strength all manner of illegalities or fraud that has the potential of subverting the will of our people”.

They called on all stakeholders in the constituency to keep their eyes and minds fixed on the election processes and ensure that nobody adopted indecent and unlawful tactics to subvert the will of the people.


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