Across the continent, people are getting caught up in all the action from one of the biggest competitions ever seen. 

This year we’re not talking about football, but the Maltavator Challenge, where some of the nation’s finest are stepping up to represent their nation and bring home a whopping $20,000. Ghana is holding her own competition with an all-male line up this week set to represent the country.

Entering the quarterfinals, the fastest five contestants from each of the four nations — Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Cote d’Ivoire — were qualified with a wildcard option being added to the mix from the runners-up. Two of Ghana’s finest fitness fanatics, Daniel Yin and Oliver Puman On-Yelib were the last of the strongest six to represent GH testing their energy and vitality.

They took on the very best and fastest contestants from Nigeria, Ethiopia and Cote d’Ivoire as they take on three exciting, but tough challenges that will really test their physical strength.

In last night’s show, the contestants had to tackle the Malta Wall, the Malta Slide and the Malta Swing – all against the clock.  Challenges filled with energy and action as each of the contestants gave it their all as they moved that bit closer to the grand prize.

First up, they faced the Malta Wall, a race up the climbing wall, with everyone hoping to clock the fastest time. Both of the guys showed grit and determination taking on the wall and flying up in record times.

Next up was the Malta Slide – a fast and furious race up a giant inflatable slide before whizzing down as fast as they could. Both men went into the challenge feeling confident, especially Daniel who boasted that he could easily outpace his Ivorian rival, the fierce and determined Ouattara. 

Unfortunately, it seems pride comes before a fall on this one as the diminutive lady showed that it’s not all a question of brute force when it comes to the Maltavator Challenge, easily beating Daniel and gaining a win for women from across the continent.

The final challenge on last night’s show was by far the most testing – the Malta Swing. It has proved extremely difficult until last week when Ghana’s Prince stepped up and almost completed the course to make his already supportive mum from home swell with pride. Despite both Daniel and Oliver boasting impressive upper-body power, the Malta swing proved elusive for them as they both fell before the final hurdle.

Both boys showed real energy and can-do spirit throughout the show, but we’ll have to tune in next week to see which if any of them will go on to represent their country in the semi-finals and get a step closer to the 20KUSD.

Berla and Bovi will be back on our screens next week as we move to the nail-biting semi-finals of the Maltavator Challenge, so make sure you tune in or check out the repeat broadcast if you missed out:


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