The Kumasi Central Prisons has received a donation worth GHC20,000 from the immediate past president of commerce.

The donation comes as a support for the upkeep of inmates in the prison.

Immediate Past President of Commerce, Nana Appiagyei Dankawoso I, made the donations to prison in celebration of his 55th birthday anniversary.

The kind gesture forms part of his annual initiative to provide social support for the vulnerable in society.

“It’s our responsibility as Christians to help others.

“The Bible admonishes us to love God and our neighbors. Let’s show love.

“I appeal to churches and individuals to come donate at the prison in celebration of their birthdays or other commemorations.

“Just a token will suffice to provide support to the prison,” he said.

He is appealing to the general public including churches and other social groups to support the facility in any capacity.

Items donated at the brief ceremony includes toiletries, buckets, and canopies to provide shade for inmates.

Deputy Director of Prison, Kwesi Asamoah Fenning received the donation and expressed gratitude on behalf of the prison.

“On behalf of the inmates, the officers, and myself, thank you very much. It’s my prayer that the good Lord will continue to increase you so that you can come back to do more of this donation,” he said.

The Kumasi Central Prison houses close to 1,900 inmates within its precinct with limited resources for the upkeep of inmates.

Officers at the prison are therefore calling on social groups to support the facility.

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