Dear God
The Alpha and the Omega
You are Father extraordinaire like no other
Yet the Man “Adam” in your mega image, Oh “brother”!

Political Fathers go Astray
And cause the nation to Trail
They plunder and betray
Causing myriad dismay
They take showers in the skies
On expensive leased flights
And say heaven has no crime
As answer to insecurity cries
Insensitive to national plight
They buy covid vaccines at twice the price claiming fright!
Their scripture is self-scentred  and corrupt power-pasture without  national luster
They fear no  youthful thunder
Due unemployment and hunger
Which threaten to swallow them under, with anger!   Selah.

Humanity goes to the Nook
Of the heavenly Father who is an eternal Brook,
Who has forsaken  Wrath
To Direct our wellworn Path
With a PathFinder’s light
To a wellness that shines bright
That Resonate Pride in his Eyes As He Reflects,
In his Image we are Wired
Yet he has cause to regret!..And

God said of the earthly Fathers:
A few are Exceptional
Deserving not blame but fame
May their blessings abound
For doing great all around

Some do Extremely Well
Congratulations goodly SONS
You are not like the hounds
You are also Fathers after Gods own Heart, how swell

Those fathers doing just okay
Do not  derail or fall into decay
Well done
Do not stray off to play
With ladies half your age
Who prance in your faces
As appendages earning wages
To fund lifestyles in hidden places
Why not with your family stay?
Will you not be undone?

Significant Numbers of fathers  Fall into catastrophic cells:
of side chicks, slay queens and strange women in the by-ways
Unhearing of the Children  or their Wives Wails
Dazed in lust lullabys
Thinking they are “dope”
Just tied up in ropes
On sexual crossroads
Where there is no hope

There are ‘deadbeat’ fathers
who think females are created to be recreational!
Perennial erection is their  human right
Yet Child Support is a legal  fight
School fees they don’t like
They abscond with a slight
As children sit tight and eat trite
This is absolutely not right*

How can any father so abandon an innocent Child’s  expectation
That a father is next to God, an everlasting home…. selah

And God  mightily said …Adam:
I have made you the Head
Why focus on wagging your Tail
Leaving a Pain Trail
As though you are Inhumane
How dare you have no Shame! Why deplete your essence?
Are you making sense?
Your testosterone ego knows no bounds?
Even as you cause wounds?

How can you be controlled by an itch in your prickly stick?
You Pounce for any ounce
As though you have ants
in your angsty pants?
Parading your nakedness
as though it were a trophy?
You are in atrophy
You are not in charge
Do zip it up and sit up Adam

Know ye Adam:
Your children yearn
For a father’s love bestowed
On which they must lean
To repeat the cycle of love bespoke
The children so want  your approval
You are key to their Arrival
And their emotive Survival
With Your encouragement
They take first tentative steps

They fall and get up, they get bold, bounded on the strong shoulders of a father as a Raft 

They are not Bereft or Swept
They are at their Best
When you mimic Gods Care
Adam why should this be Rare?

Yet Trust is often betrayed
And utterly shattered
Your wife is woefully embattled
sometimes evenly battered   With your children embittered
This is unwise, Please unwind

Know ye not Adam:
You are bound to a holy grail
Do not track your path sodden with dissemination or fail
Why have a thick fog
in Your tunnel vision?
Or see darkly and betray your utmost mission?
Why act as though left behind in Eden’s corruption?
Even after Adamic Redemption

And God angrily said:
I AM GOD, thou shall not set up idols before me Adam. Remember Eden, When Eve  became your idol and you worshipped her in disobedience?
Do you now have an inferiority complex in your banishment?
So you wreak out punishment?

You are Adam, Commander of the human troops
You have been in  your elements in a stoop
still oblivious at Eden,
with Excuses, Oops
Pointing accusing fingers at Eve
Acting out: “The Woman  who you gave me, made me do it,
She gave me and I ate”.. selah

Listen Adam, Mr. serpent  went to Eve not because she is a weakling but because Eve is your weakness. You ate the forbidden apple without even blinking an eye. You over-ride  God’s direct instructions, no questions asked?   How pathetic  Adam: “she gave me and I ate”?  When she gives you,  she becomes more than God to you? Wow? Adam?

A Woman shall Encompass a man!. Selah

Resume your rightful place  Come up higher Adam
To the altar of responsibility Stop the viagra inundation
And Rebrand

YOU are a father by divine enunciation
Put on sonship clothes  and commit to your mate before you mate
Be a  Man of principles and live upright, dont be irate
Stop being self- defeatist.  Cover up your shame with  Repentance and a Prayer Plea  for Restoration

A lot of you are simply unfaithful and untrustworthy. Conditioned by lax societal norms and your earthly fathers you emulate.
You are  products of  permissive traditions you replicate.
While ethical cultural values, you repudiate
Do you not see the boomerang repercussions in societal decadence?
Can you not with experience learn?

Even when you say “for better for worse till death us do part”, in a bond of trust
A lot of  you are already lying You make promises you have no intention to keep till your day of  dying
You also mock God when you take  the holy bible and a ring which rings falsehood to your traditional marriages which you say gives you permission to cheat until you are weak
The bible speaks :
of God who created one Adam and one Eve
And  conjoined them as one in a marital peak

Do you not know that you are to cleave to your wife and be satisfied with the breast of the wife of your youth who you  are to love and treat as yourself?.
So you can have peace!

You socialize your daughters  by the mistreatment of their mothers to accept what you dont want for them, even as your sons become you and repeat the cycle of hurts and distortions.

Why are you surprised by  the womens “rebellion”? DO you expect accepted  mass  disloyalty to be the building block to family solidarity!!

Your father’s fathers before u took several wives. Your  dependent, powerless great grand mother with12 children acquiesed to an oppressive male dominance syndrome  she could not overcome

You are a product of an innate  polygamous unfairness with its scars tatoed on your forehead, yet you dispense unfaithfulness in an age where you de3 you hide secrets until your hidden children show up when you are dead and mullify your family. You are not even honest claiming unfaithfulness is embossed on your DNA

Your disclaimer is  that you are a man!  That your disloyalty is an  inviolate mandate  dating back to great men in the bible.

Your great  grandfather was at least honest and conspicuous in dealings with your  poor greatgran whose permission was sought and was pacified ! but as for you, you are  sacrilegiously religious, a veritable hypocrite. You hide in shadows of christendom  to do what you know is wrong , claiming your manhood has unbridled sexual rights.

You point to Solomon, Annointed King anon
Supreme Polygamist to his detriment, Wisdom Teacher
Exemplary Preacher
Great beyond Measure
Exceeding Riches in Earthly treasure… Yet
Intoned a Lamentation treatise
That life is straw and Vanity After all
Therefore for your Heavenly Retirement in awe

On fathers day, let us applaud your good efforts and great strides
When you with commitment build homes that last
Your exalted calling is difficult, The family  burden  is on your shoulders, and your toil is great

Just note it is not about your  progesterone  impediment.
It is about your  leadership Imperative
It is about the flourishing of  the human race in the right direction
It should not take an outspoken innocent child to tell you the Emperor is naked with self – deception!
Why must your ego keep you defeatist in erection detention?

And God resoundly  said : Adam
I bound you as one with your wife
To behold the commanding heights of a joyous life,
To raise holy children
For my delight

You have everything to be happy. Enjoy deserving fatherhood .

Thank God for noble fathers who bring energy and vibrance  with such comforting Resolve
Lets us  salute not the first  corrupted Adam, but the last Adam, holy and righteous, our devoted model.

Happy Fathers Day

Nana Frema Busia
June 20, 2021


The writer can be contacted via email:

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