Leading private health insurance company Nationwide Medical Insurance (NMI) has won the Private Health Insurance Company of the year award for the fourth consecutive time.

The company also won the Marketing Initiative and Unsung Hero awards (Private Health Category) at the just ended Ghana Insurance Awards.

The 4th edition of the Ghana Insurance Awards held at Kempinski Hotel in Accra is a platform to honour top-class performance, professionalism and innovation across the Ghanaian insurance industry.

It also aims to promote the industry’s growth through progressive competition, innovation and adherence to the highest professional standards.

Commenting on the award, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Nancy Ampah, said, “I am elated that we have been recognized for the work we put in delivering positive results. Having won the Private Health Insurance Company award for the fourth consecutive time goes without saying that we at Nationwide continuously challenge ourselves to bring out the best in our operations to create value for our stakeholders.

We shall continue to use cutting-edge innovative technology to improve the private health insurance industry and remain the benchmark. We dedicate these awards to our subscribers, employees and other partners for their support over the years”.   

Nationwide Medical Insurance has pioneered private health insurance for over 17 years and is currently the market leader. Nationwide set out to embark on a marketing campaign called ‘How Far’.

The ‘How Far’ campaign was designed to create awareness of the Nationwide brand and inform our audience how different and unique Nationwide is. 

At the end of the campaign, the online advert generated over 7,000,000 impressions. Out of this, the NMI website received over 10,872 new visitors who enquired about Nationwide’s retail product for individuals and families: MyHealth.

Samuel Adi Boafo, the head of the Accounts department, who received the Unsung Hero Award (Private Health Category), transformed the accounts department with the application of technology completely in tune with the various products of the company as well as other functions related to the health insurance enterprise.

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