NCA must sit up – NCR

The Network of Communications Reporters (NCR) has called on the telecoms regulator, the National Communications Authority (NCA), to constantly update its website to keep the public abreast of industry information, particularly with regards to the market statistics on the industry.

According to the NCR, the operators were churning out their own numbers with regards to the number of subscribers they hold in the country, a situation the NCR can only describe as misleading in many instances.

“It is amazing that since the introduction of the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) a couple of months ago, the NCA has not been able to update its market statistics and the month of August is also almost gone with no new information,” a statement signed by Mr Charles Benoni Okine, the Dean of NCR said.

The NCR said the refusal of the NCA to release the market performances in terms of which of the networks was gaining or losing as a result of the implementation of the MNP was unfortunate, adding that the NCA assured network members of those figures during workshops to brief journalists on MNP.

The statement said correspondents on telecoms have been monitoring with keen interest, the website of the regulator to see how the numbers stand because “we believe that we can tell from that statistics, which is winning or losing.

“The NCR members do not want to help any of the operators to mislead the public with false figures, and therefore, entreat the NCA to sit up and give us what the public have to know”, the statement said.

Like the NCA said in the past, the MNP would help to further heighten the competition in the sector “but we believe that this can only be done if information is made available on the website as was the case in the past”.

The statement said the NCR would also want to draw the attention of the NCA to the total neglect by the two fixed line operators, Vodafone, the market leader, and Airtel, in expanding fixed lines in the country.

“We want to see more fixed lines in the system since the tariff on that system is cheaper enough to meet the pocket of the ordinary people”, it said.