Minority Leader in Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu says NDC MPs will boycott the inauguration of President Akufo-Addo for a second term if a re-collation of the parliamentary results in Techiman South is not done.

He told Joy News that the declaration of the seat in favour of the NPP’s Martin Agyei Mensah Korsah is fraudulent and they will not allow it to stand.

“We are standing in denial by collusion of fraud by the Electoral Commission and the NPP. It is not acceptable, you know they are just joking with Techiman South, add it to their number and claim a false 137 which they don’t deserve their 136,” Mr Iddrisu said.

The Tamale South MP further called on the EC to openly collate the results of Techiman South amicably and satisfactorily in accordance to the law of Ghana.

He stressed that the NDC wants “Techiman South results before January 7, by all means necessary”.

“If Techiman South results is not resolved amicably and satisfactorily in accordance with the laws of Ghana and in particular with regulation 43 of CI 127, we remain in denial that we don’t have the results for Techiman South we will be thinking through what to do on January 7,” he said.

Mr Iddrissu added that he would only go to court if the result has been given to him and he is not satisfied with it but here lies the case where he has been denied of the results for Techiman South therefore has nothing to go to court with.

“In this particular matter I have been denied the results so what am I going to court with? With tomatoes and then oranges?” he asked.

Meanwhile, the NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Techiman South Christopher Baayire says the NDC won the seat by more than 700 votes. He said a simple re-collation will reveal that NDC won.

“The minimum per hour results is about 700 per vote difference for the Parliamentary which we have the pink sheets available. Why is that they are insisting they would not do collation or re-collation like they did for Banda two to three times?”

He called on the Stakeholders to note that the happenings in Techiman South might escalate if the World Stakeholders, Peace Council, Christian Council don’t intervene.

“We expect the whole World Stakeholders, Peace Council, Christian Council to note that this is something that has just started small and we expect that if they don’t come in, something bad could happen in Techiman,” he stated.

Mr Baayire insisted for the right thing to be done or the NDC fights it to the latter end, adding that the demonstration in Techiman South will not end until the right thing is done.

“As we speak now, there is demonstration in Techiman isn’t it?  Yes, and that will not end. We not going to allow the fight that we don’t do collation and bring in the military” he said.