The National Democratic Congress has revoked the membership of 18 Parliamentary candidates from its ranks for contesting their seats as Independent candidates.

According to the NDC, the 18 forfeited their membership by running as independent candidates.

“The National Democratic Congress wishes to bring to the attention of all party members, sympathizers and the General Public that the following members who sought for and obtained nomination from the Electoral Commission to contest the upcoming parliamentary election as INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES have forfeited their membership of the party.”

This was stated in a press statement dated Tuesday, November 3, and signed by the NDC General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah.

It further stated that “all party members who endorsed your nomination form, campaigned for you or who openly associate themselves with your campaign activities are equally in breach of the above provisions and therefore, suffer the same punishment as the independent candidates.”

Therefore all affected persons have been directed to handover all party paraphernalia in their possession to their respective secretariats and are barred from using the name of the NDC flagbearer in their campaigns.

“They must handover all party property in their possession to their respective constituency secretariats, and they must cease forthwith in using party paraphernalia and the name of the flag bearer in all their campaigns.”

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