The Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (IEPA) is rolling out programs that will make people in academia share their research findings with society to solve societal problems.

Research findings in many universities across the country, according to the IEPA gather dust on shelves and are not used for anything beneficial to society.

Speaking at the IEPA students innovative and creativity expo, a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Educational Planning and administration, Dr Mike Boakye-Yiadom revealed the institute is following best practices around the world.

“We need to learn from other universities that are doing very well with research. We need to use our research to solve societal challenges,” he argued.

According to the Senior Research Fellow, many universities across the country engage in research but such studies are not seen to be performing the roles they ought to perform; to get society informed and effect changes in society.

The Institute for Educational Planning and Administration says such practices in many tertiary institutions in Ghana must stop. 

The universities, according to Dr Mike Boakye-Yiadom should open their doors for society to benefit from what they do.

“We started this expo in 2015. We needed to empower our students, empower society and make our research count. Our PhD students have been on the field and are discussing their findings with the university community and the General Public. This is the best way to go,” he averred.

Benedicta Owusu, a researcher with the IEPA and her group at the Institute, for instance, research on the journey of the implementation of government’s free SHS so far. Their findings were shared with stakeholders in Education that were present.

“We observed that the Free SHS has increased enrolment. The participants interviewed believed it is a good policy. In the same vein, there are many teething challenges that include overcrowding; increase in the teacher-student ratio affecting disciplinary issues and effective academic work.

“We recommend that there should be some infrastructural at the senior high schools to ease the pressure on the existing facilities,” she said.

Director of the IEPA, Michael Amakye, was upbeat that the nation would see a lot of development should research findings be made public to help solve societal challenges.