LUV FM BRIDAL FAIR: how Counselor Lutterodt and co. ‘broke-up’ relationships in Kumasi

LUV FM BRIDAL FAIR: how Counselor Lutterodt and co. ‘broke-up’ relationships in Kumasi
Source: Ghana | Luv Fm | Prince Appiah
Date: 03-11-2015 Time: 05:11:06:pm
Counselor Lutterodt at Luv Bridal Seminar

When the word ‘seminar’ is mentioned, what comes to mind is an avenue where issues on specific subjects are addressed and solutions suggested?

Just as it is for any seminar, the purpose of a spotlight on relationship is expected to offer solutions to challenges confronting partners in order to resolve them.

Hundreds of residents of Kumasi trooped to the Banquet Hall of Golden Tulip, Kumasi City, in high expectation of making their relationships better.

It was the relationship seminar that provided spice on the opening day of this year’s Luv FM Beauty and Bridal Fair in partnership with Golden Tulip.

Patrons from well-knit and established, newly-weds and prospective couples, however may have been disappointed at what perhaps, could ‘break’ rather than ‘make’ their relationships.

Counselor George Lutterodt appeared to have delivered a bombshell to buttress the hint he had given in radio interviews suggesting many relationships need total overhauling.

And before that happens, some must be dismantled and reassembled whilst some must be destroyed completely.

“My mission here in Kumasi is to break up relationships,” he emphasized when he took to the podium on the night.

Disappointment, surprise and utter shock were written on the faces of the hundreds gathered at the venue, depending on each person’s emotions.

There and then, it was clear that patrons began realizing the counselor was in for business as had explained earlier.

Gradually the hard-hitting counselor took patrons on an emotional ride in wonderland as he unveiled moment after moment the dos and don’ts of relationships.

According to him, “it is out of place to allow for inter-religious marriages; it will cause confusion in the home, especially, among the children’’.

Ultimately, he says, partners could lose focus in practicing their respective religions, faithfully.

Counselor Lutterodt caught patrons jaw-dropping as they sought clarity for what seemed confusing in their mind when he declared, “It is wickedness if a parent allows their daughter to marry a poor man”. Another is that, “a banker should not marry a banker”; emphasizing one should check professions before choosing a partner.

“Why would a man impregnate a woman before he goes to marry her? This should not be encouraged; it is wrong,” he said.

As surprised as everybody was, patrons were anxious and eager to understand what he meant.

Some of these statements by the controversial counselor however got patrons confused the more. Obviously, it punched holes in the relationships of the many partners gathered in the hall.

Before answers came, there was something to be happy about especially the young ones and those who might have found themselves in the situation under discussion.

Counselor Lutterodt proposed it is appropriate to have many concubines around you and date them. His reason is that, in choosing a partner, people must have options to select from.

“How can you choose a partner when you don’t date many to study them and know the one who fits the cap,” he explained.

For parents, he was plain that, “if my graduate daughter immediately after school tells me she wants to marry, I will slap her”. He believes as a young person one must enjoy his or her singleness to the fullest before marriage.

“Marriage should not be rushed into,” he said.

His presentation got the room very chaotic, amid whispers and murmuring from patrons as they discussed the issues among themselves on whether to continue or break up.

Then it was the turn of the experienced Rev. Vincent Acquaah who, with vivid description did justice to the topic, “Understanding Our Sex Drive”.

Apparently, this further heightened the glow on the faces of the audience. The hall went dead as people listened with rapt attention one could hear a pin drop.

No-one definitely wanted to miss a line or point about how to make their sex life better in their respective relationships.

Satisfaction, excitement and surprise summed up the mood of participants after the about four hours of talk.

For the first time since the inception of the Beauty and Bridal Fair, the relationship seminar was ‘decoupled’ from the main by shifting the venue from the main event.

Antidotes and panacea to struggling relationships were administered to partners during the two-hour session.

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