WYNCA Sunshine to launch pest spraying drone in Ghana

WYNCA Sunshine to launch pest spraying drone in Ghana
Source: David Andoh | Myjoyonline.com
Date: 10-08-2017 Time: 08:08:08:am
The XPLANETTMUAV drone has the biggest spray width

Ghanaian farmers who have over the years been relying on traditional agricultural spraying methods that require manual operations with high labor intensity can heave a sigh of relief as the management of WYNCA Sunshine prepares to launch the county's first ever drone spraying technology.

The technology will enable farmers to spray more acres of farms within a short time, increasing productivity on their farms. 

The technology, which is used in China, South Korea, Chile and Australia is convenient and high pesticide efficient.

Spraying drone is a new agriculture technology which is used for spray pesticides to crops, trees, farm, gardens, orchards etc.

It keeps farmers away from pesticides poisoning,  save a lot of labor as drone sprayer fly very fast, ensure 20 to 40 times spraying efficiency more than traditional spraying, and save a lot of spraying time.

The XPLANETTMUAV drone has the biggest spray width and can assure the best coverage of pesticides and fertilizers, increase your yield on farms.

 The drone is adaptable to all kinds of weather and natural environment.

It carries the agricultural flight control system independently developed by XAIRCRAFT, creating a truly smart, accurate, and efficient way for plant protection operation. 

Sales and Marketing Manager WYNCA Sunshine,  James Zhang, the sprayer drones protect farmers from poisoning and heat stroke while utilizing harmful pesticides.WYNCA Sunshine demo

He made the revelation at WYNCA Sunshine Maize High Yielding Solution System Demonstration organised for 200 farmers at Obawale in the Yilo Krobo District of the Eastern Region.

Between 50 to 100 acres of land can be sprayed per day, which is 30 times more than the traditional spraying methods can cover.

According to him, there is about 97% cost efficiency in moderation as compared with the traditional spraying methods can cover.

The newly developed Crop Solutions Plan, which was rolled out as a partnership between WYNCA and the Ministry of Agriculture, has been piloted in nine different maize growing communities in the country, where farmers were able to record double yields.

WYNCA Sunshine demo

Following the success of the pilot program collaboration in areas such as the Upper Manya Krobo and Yilo Krobo Districts in the Eastern Region as well as the Nkoranza North and Nkoranza South Districts in the Brong Ahafo Region and lastly Boankra in the Ashanti Region, WYNCA will be holding a field day on one of the demonstration fields on Thursday to increase awareness for its improved solutions.

“After several years of development process, we are very encouraged by the results of the first Maize High Solutions,” said James Zhang, Sales and Marketing Manager.

''The partnership with MOFA is an excellent example of what can be accomplished when public and private organizations work together for a common good, providing powerful new tools to help farmers overcome climate change challenges and increase food production,” he said.

WYNCA Sunshine demo


Wynca group (Zhejiang Xian chemical industry group of co.ltd), joined Sunshine group of companies, becoming the controlling shareholder in 2009. Wynca sunshine was registered in Ghana 2005.

Wynca group was established in 1965 and listed as one of the most valuable companies in China in September 2001.

It is also enlisted as one of the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China and is a part of the global top 20 enterprises in agriculture chemistry.

With supports from its state recognized post-doctoral technologies research centre, Wynca has developed into a national innovation enterprise for establishing intellectual property and managerial assistance from the mother company WYNCA GROUP increased it sales records with a high margin and the trend has been consistently making the Company the number one manufacturer and supplier of GLYPHOSATE in Ghana and West Africa Sub-region as a whole.

The Company currently has branches in Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, and Mali and has the plan to cover other countries like Kenya, South Africa, and Benin etc in the near future.

In addition to the various Pesticides in stock, the company also engages itself in Farm Machineries (Knapsack Sprayers, Motorized Sprayer, and Fogging Machines) organic Silicon Sealant and Building Materials.