“Ghana Post GPS not designed to meet its objectives” – IT Consultant

“Ghana Post GPS not designed to meet its objectives” – IT Consultant
Source: Ghana| Myjoyonline.com| Oswald K. Azumah| okazumah@st.ug.edu.gh
Date: 24-10-2017 Time: 01:10:04:pm

Stefan Froehlich, an IT consultant has stated that the Ghana Post GPS app that is hosting the digital address system policy of the government is not designed to meet its objectives.

Speaking to Daniel Dadzie, the host of 'News Desk' on Joy News TV on Tuesday, Mr. Stefan Froehlich highlighted a number of challenges with the Ghana Post GPS app and advised that it will be advisable to solve those issues before using the software’s given address for national ID registration.

He listed usability, data quality, data security, and business analysis as some of the key areas in which the software is deficient.

“The application states problems that it’s destined to solve but it doesn’t state how it intends to solve it.

“Another problem I have identified with the software is that as soon as you open the app it forces you to sign up and the problem with this is that users can’t therefore randomly generate their location and share”, he added.

He added that the app has data integrity issues, "I just signed up with a random name and random phone number and the system allowed me to do so. This situation needs to be fixed if the app's data is to be trusted", he noted.  

He also lamented about the internet factor of the app. People without internet access cannot use the app and Mr. Froehlich suggested that the app should be improved to be able to function offline because there are lots of Ghanaians who do not have access to the internet.

He also highlighted that the 5 by 5-meter square that the software is designed to mark is inconsistent with the purpose of the software.

The software is intended to give unique addresses to property so if your property spans beyond 5 by 5-meter square then you will end up with multiple addresses for the same property depending on which part of the property you are.                                                                     

“The app should be improved so the boundaries of the property can be marked and given one address”, he explained.

The software, Ghana Post GPS was launched on Wednesday, October 18, by President Akufo Addo at the Accra International Conference Center. The app is to host the Digital addressing system that has been much touted by the New Patriotic (NPP) government.