Otabil’s pulpit response was not godly – Suhuyini

Otabil’s pulpit response was not godly – Suhuyini
Source: Ghana| Myjoyonline | Abubakar Ibrahim | abubakar.ibrahim@myjoyonline.com
Date: 21-08-2017 Time: 01:08:40:pm

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamale North has described the comments by Founder and Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), as inappropriate.

Alhassan Suhuyini says he does not think Dr Mensa Otabil’s response to criticisms about the insolvency of two banks recently is godly.

“The Bible and Quran teach us to season our words to ensure that we do not respond to people who speak negatively about us in a like manner.

“I am surprised that he chose to do even worse because if I insult you and you in response, you say I look like an insult, that is not godly, especially for him to choose the pulpit to do that,” he told the AM Show on JOYNEWS channel.

Pastor Mensa Otabil used Sunday sermon to publicly react to news of the collapse of Capital bank in which his church had shares.

His church, ICGC, and company, Otabil and Associates, had 3% shares each.He said last Monday’s takeover of two banks; Capital and UT Bank signaled the beginning of an “eventful” week for him.

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The banks were taken over by GCB Bank and the Central Bank went further to also freeze the accounts of Directors and top managers of the two banks.

"The reality is, there are people when you are down, they feel up," he told the congregation in a sermon about facing reality which he defined as "when you hear stuff you don't want to hear".

Pastor Mensa Otabil laughed it off in church with an observation that "people who look like an insult to themselves are insulting you".

"And you say wow, thank you, Lord, for mercy. For giving him the grace to insult you because if God had not given them permission they would not insult you".

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He explained the motivation for people who rejoice in the misfortunes of others is because they have little to show for in life.

"They are happy that somebody is down because they have been down for so long that when you are down they feel like they have climbed".

"Sometimes, people you have helped will kick you when you are down, people you have encouraged will kick you when you are down".

However, adding his voice to the numerous criticisms, Mr Suhuyini said Dr Otabil does not realize that so many families and businesses may be going through distress "as a result of the decisions which were not properly taken by him and his colleagues in the use of their investments." 

Mr Suhuyini believes the renowned pastor cannot insulate himself from blame as he contributed to taking the decisions that have led the bank to insolvency.

“So as I sympathise with them [Board], I also wish that he sympathise with people who saved and do business with them," he added. 

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