Security analyst blames increasing violent crimes on unregulated gaming centres

Security analyst blames increasing violent crimes on unregulated gaming centres
Source: Ghana | | George Nyavor |
Date: 04-10-2017 Time: 02:10:17:am
Adam Bonaa, is a security and safety expert with more than 20 years of experience

Security and safety expert, Adam Bonaa, wants security agencies to turn their attention to video game centres dotted across the urban areas.

Mr Bonaa believes violent video games exposed to the youth at these gaming centres, coupled with the rise of unregulated internet and social media is contributing to the rise of violent crimes like armed robbery.

“These days the internet or social media is everywhere so people are playing too many games and most of these games are violent games...out of these violent games, people want to experiment," he said. 

He was speaking Tuesday evening on current affairs programme, PM Express, on the Joy News channel on Multi TV. The programme discussed rising reports of armed robbery attacks in parts of the capital.

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"The authorities would have to clamp down on some of these gaming facilities. They need to censor them. You go in there [gaming centres] and you have little children who are playing games involving shooting, and once they come out, and they have access to a gun, they want to experiment,” he surmised.

Residents of Tantra Hills and Mile 7, two neighbouring communities in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, have been battling recurrent robbery attacks recently, raising concerns that robbers have become emboldened.

Two of the attacks are said to have happened in the afternoon.

The attackers struck last week on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Police have begun confiscating unregistered motorbikes following the string of robbery attacks.

Police say most of the robbers use motorbikes as getaway vehicles after their nefarious activities.

Commenting on the spate of the violent crimes on PM Express, Mr Bonaa also called on the government to intensify surveillance for improved security in the country.

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