I don’t expect Amidu to witch-hunt- Dr Bossman Asare

I don’t expect Amidu to witch-hunt- Dr Bossman Asare
Source: Ghana|Myjoyonline.com
Date: 13-01-2018 Time: 06:01:04:pm

The Head of Department for Political Science of the University of Ghana, (UG) Legon says he expects Special Prosecutor nominee Mr Martin Amidu to work within the law of the office.

Dr Bossman-Asare Eric says he does not expect Mr. Martin Amidu to embark on witch-hunting as most people fear he will do when he is approved by Parliament.

According to him, he is anticipating Mr Martin Amidu to pursue justice irrespective of political affiliations.

“The law requires him to go after both current government officials and former government officials, irrespective of their party, their religion or even their national origin.

“Once they are Ghanaians or they are people who have done some work for the government, even if they are state officials who did some work with private individuals to dupe the state, all of them will face the wrath of the office,” he said.

Dr Bossman-Asare said the appointment made by President Nana Addo, was good for Ghana’s democracy and he would not be surprised if Martin Amidu went after the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and its members because they were the last government in power.

“I think he has some issues with the NDC obviously. We knew he wanted to ensure that individuals in the NDC, especially those he thought had somehow abused their offices.

“So many people felt that because of that he was pushed out by the NDC as a political party. So once he has been appointed, he would be seen as someone who would go after the NDC, pursue them, chase them, etc.

“So when we look at it from that angle, I think it is within their (NDC) right to make such an argument,” he answered in reaction to former President John Mahama’s statement that the NDC was not scared of the office of the Special Prosecutor.

Dr Bossman also praised the appointment made by Nana Addo, describing it as ‘a very laudable and progressive appointment’.

“For those of us who are political watchers, I think most of us have come to know Mr Martin Amidu as a fighter for the public persons, someone who wants to ensure that there is integrity in government and the way we manage resources of the state.

“He is someone who wants to ensure that those who have taken away from the state in a manner that is against the laws of our country are dealt with,” he added.

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