4th Republic Anniversary: We've achieved a lot in 25-years but not there yet- Akufo-Addo

4th Republic Anniversary: We've achieved a lot in 25-years but not there yet- Akufo-Addo
Source: Ghana|Myjoyonline.com|Nathan Gadugah
Date: 07-01-2018 Time: 06:01:35:pm

The president Nana Akufo-Addo says the 25 years of stable democratic governance in the fourth republic has given birth to a sustained growth in the size of the economy with an expanded private sector.

Chronicling the many achievements that have attended the longest, uninterrupted fourth republic, the president said respect for individual liberties, the principles of social justice and a commitment to fighting environmental degradation are just a few of the fruits of Ghana’s stable fourth republic.

He made the comment at the silver jubilee thanksgiving ceremony to mark Ghana’s stable fourth republic.

The country has had a chequered political history after independence littered with many military interventions.


Ghana’s first president Dr Kwame Nkrumah who led the CPP government after independence was overthrown in 1966, after just six years in power.

Dr Kwame Nkrumah with legendary Mohammed Ali

That marked the end of the first republic.

The second Republic led by Dr KA Busia was also overthrown in 1972 after winning the 1969 election which ushered in the second republic.

The PNP’s Dr Hilla Limann also won power in 1979 only to be overthrown in 1981, premature end to the third republic.

After eleven long years of military rule the country eventually transitioned into a democratic regime with Mr Jerry John Rawlings winning the 1992 elections.

4th Republic

Mr Rawlings ushered in the fourth republic which has endured for 25 years with political pundits hoping it will remain forever.

On Sunday, January 7, 2018, key political actors including all of Ghana’s living ex-presidents, political party leaders, MPs and ministers of state, Chiefs, military officers and ordinary Ghanaians have converged at the Independence Square to mark a momentous 25 years of a stable fourth republic.

It was a marked departure from the many political jabs by the political leaders, when the living ex-presidents took turns to read the scripture to begin the ceremony.

There was also prayers offered by religious leaders- Christian and Muslim faiths- before the president gave an address.

The president paid glowing tributes to the democratic institutions, particularly, Parliament, the judiciary, the Electoral Commission and the civil society groups without which the stable democracy would not have been successful.

Despite the successes that have come with Ghana’s democracy, the president the country is still far from where it has to be.

“Despite all these gains we have not reached where we have to,” he said, adding, there is widespread poverty which must be eradicated; land and ethnic disputes, corruption, and vigilantism which must be fought strenuously.

He said his government is resolved to putting in the necessary framework to attempt to solve some of these challenges.

The president said the government is looking to put in place modernized agriculture, adding, the era of “Ghana’s industrialization" has arrived.

He said the goal has to be constant- to improve a better standard of living for all Ghanaians and to put Ghana on the path of progress.

“We are blessed with enormous potential,” he stated and promised that all these potential and resources will be harnessed for the betterment of the country.

The president honoured the memories of the departed souls- late president John Mills, vice presidents Kow Ackaah and Aliu Mahama- all of whom he said have been instrumental in Ghana’s drive towards a stable fourth republic.

He charged all Ghanaians to join the crusade in developing the country.

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