Hunter, Buffalo fight to death as volunteers retrieve body after 4 days

Hunter, Buffalo fight to death as volunteers retrieve body after 4 days
Source: Ghana| |Abubakar Ibrahim |
Date: 12-06-2018 Time: 02:06:46:pm

The Oku community in the Sekyere Central District of the Ashanti Region are struck with grief and fear after a hunter's corpse was found beside a dead buffalo in a forest reserve.

Samuel Akwasi Onyamo, 60, had gone missing during one of his hunting expeditions only for a search party to find his decomposing body in the forest four days later.

The incident has sent shivers down the spine of residents as police warn hunters in the area to stay away from the Oku Game and Wildlife Reserve which is five kilometres deep into the Kogyai Forest to avert a recurrence.

The family of the deceased say they had no idea the deceased had entered the restricted wildlife reserve so four days after his disappearance, they reported to the police and a search was mounted.

Few hours after the search parties have gone to work, Mr Akwasi Onyamo’s almost decomposed body was found about five kilometres deep into the reserve.

According to the police, the deceased’s gun was found few metres from where his body was found with seven spent shells. The dead Buffalo was also lying some metres away.

DSP Charles Atuah, Nsuta District Police Commander, told Joy News’ Erastus Asare Donkor that there are signs the deceased fired several times at the animal.

“A look at the disturbed number of trees in the Reserve, it was clear to see that there was a lot of struggle between the deceased and the buffalo.

“The animal violently stepped on the deceased after he shot it,” he said.

The police said they are surprised the man went that far because that area is restricted and not open to hunting or picking firewood.

“What happened should be a wakeup call to those who have been straying into the Reserve as offenders will face the law,” he said.  

Over 100 buffalos besides other wild animals are said to be living in the Oku Wildlife Reserve, which it might be the reason hunters like Kojo Sika Nti are motivated to go hunting there.

He told the reporter that despite the death and current ban, they will still steal shots at the animals there.

“I don’t go there alone anyway, just to prevent some of these things happening to me,” he said.

The late Mr Akwasi Onyamo’s father, Moali Ngayi, who is now faced with the responsibility of taking care of his young grandchildren told the reporter he is devastated by the development.

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