VIDEO+PHOTOS: 14-yr-old boy serves as the only ‘veterinary doctor’ in 15 communities of V/R

VIDEO+PHOTOS: 14-yr-old boy serves as the only ‘veterinary doctor’ in 15 communities of V/R
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Date: 07-06-2018 Time: 03:06:27:pm

A 14-year-old boy is performing wonders by serving as the only veterinary service provider in some 15 communities within the Volta Region.

The boy, Oscar Abutiate, who operates as the only “veterinary doctor” at Worawora and its environs in the Volta Region, says he learnt the skill from his father who is now old and retired from the job.

The young lad, who aspires to be a professional doctor later in life, deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in all sort of domestic animals in about 10-15 communities in the region.

Speaking to’s Gershon Mortey, Oscar disclosed that he doesn’t make enough money from the occupation he so loves because some customers have taken him for granted due to his age.

“What pains me is that I work for some people and they tell me to come another day. There are others who don’t even want to pay,” he said.

Asked about his ultimate dream in life, the 14-year-old disclosed that he wishes to own a veterinary centre he will be able to care for and treat sick animals.

Father of Oscar, Daniel Abutiate who now suffers from an ailment and old age, has described his son as “an intelligent boy who loves the veterinary work from the core of his heart.”

Some patrons of Oscar’s services have also confirmed to Ado​ that Oscar is experienced and has, on many occasions, saved their animals, but all efforts to continue his education to a higher level proved futile.

“Before, I entertained a lot of fear whenever I had to engage his services, mainly because I thought he was too young to understand the work. I thought he might kill my livestock but he surprised me”, now regular and satisfied customer, Gloria Safoa, confessed.

Kwesi Apie, who rears pigs in the region, also said “I have worked with him for almost three years and nothing has happened to my pigs as a result of his treatments. He shows the feed to give them and treats them to be free from ticks and bugs”.

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