Encourage women to shoot for the stars – Rev. Emmanuel Adjei

Encourage women to shoot for the stars – Rev. Emmanuel Adjei
Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | JTM
Date: 08-06-2018 Time: 12:06:48:pm
Rev. Emmanuel Adjei says society has for far too long downplayed the role of women.

Founder and General Overseer of Prayer Palace Churches Worldwide, Rev. Emmanuel Adjei says it is time women are allowed to thrive on their own abilities and skills without their male counterparts feeling threatened.

According to Rev. Adjei, a man’s strength is not about muscles, or deep voice or even money. “It is about your ability to lead. True strong men are leaders, not bosses,” said the man who pastors the Prayer Palace, Spintex branch in Accra. 

He was speaking with Myjoyonline.com about his "On a Journey to Build Ghana through the Father’s Touch" ahead of his church’s flagship event "Father’s Touch Conference," which is scheduled to take place between June 20 to July 1. The Father’s Touch conference is themed "Free to Prosper" and will be held at 6 p.m. daily at the Prayer Palace church, off Spintex Road, near Herbalife.

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Rev. Adjei who is also the CEO of EA Outreach Ministries, observed that for far too long, society has downplayed the role of women, and declared his commitment “to encourage the women to shoot for the stars.”

Envisioning a collective in Ghana in the future, Rev. Adjei is also the architect of the Jericho Conferences, which has covered over 28 countries across the world, noted: “Ghana is a dynamic nation. We are constantly evolving. We are hardworking, but most importantly we love God.”

“I am most interested in imparting the young generation that is coming up. This is new generation of young adults going into the corporate world, trying to make it. I believe that our purpose is bigger than working for someone else and I encourage every one of my church members to become an entrepreneur,” he said.

Rev. Adjei, also explained the vision behind the Father’s Touch Conference and how Ghanaians will benefit from it.

“We all need fathers in our lives. They determine fast we move. The shoulders we stand upon determine what we see in life. They nurture us, they guide us. The words of fathers can make or break us. It is with this revelation that I conceived the Father’s Touch Conference. Father’s Touch is unique for it is an acknowledgement of the roles that key figures of the church in Ghana have played in the life of another man of God.

“Rev. Bob Andoh, Dr. Frimpong-Manso, Bishop Edwin Ewusie Brookman and Dr. Isaac Quaye, are all trailblazers for the kingdom of God in Ghana and worldwide and they have all in their unique callings and giftings been powerful figures of influence in my life. Each of them has been a mentor, a guide and a true father to me and seeing the difference it made in my life, I was led by the Holy Spirit, to bring them together so that more could benefit from what they carry and have been mandated to provide to the body of Christ,” Rev. Adjei said.

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