If Ghana will not change; you change- Otabil challenges youth

If Ghana will not change; you change- Otabil challenges youth
Source: Ghana|Myjoyonline.com|Nathan Gadugah
Date: 10-03-2018 Time: 05:03:17:pm
Pastor Mensa Otabil

The reason why Ghana has progressed at a painfully slow pace is that the taste, desires, expectations of Ghanaians remain the same.

That’s according to the founder of the International Central Gospel Church, Pastor Mensa Otabil who at the 2018 Springboard Global Convocation challenged the minds and stimulated the energies of the youth to aspire to make the change they want in life, even when the communities, the country they live in refuse to change.

“If Ghana will not change and I don’t know when it will; you change” he charged an army of professionals who converged at the National Theater to crown what has been a thoroughly stimulating nationwide springboard programme organized by Albert and Comfort Ocran's Legacy and Legacy.

Delivering a keynote address, the motivational speaker said it is so easy to blame media owners for the poor content, or movie producers for the poor production or pastors who have made an industry out of doom prophecies.

But he stated emphatically that the content on air, the doom prophecies from the pulpit come because there is a mass of people within the community who enjoy listening to them.

Market for mediocrity?

 "There are people who require a declaration of witchery and they receive it from the pastors...“If we complain about prophets of death and people are entering into enterprises like that, it means there is a market for it,” he said.

He pointed out that people sometimes become so engrossed with listening to the wrong content and to the wrong people that they sacrifice their comfort, their sleep.

“What things do you listen to; what do you use your precious sleep hours for; what major investment do you make by the things you listen to?

“What have you priced as more valuable than your sleep,” he said, adding, the sacrifice of your own comfort is equal to what you listen to.”

If you are broke and what you think, read or talk about is sex, then your sense of priority is severely handicapped, the pastor cum entrepreneur added.

With the low expectations and standards from Ghanaians, Pastor Otabil said, “you don’t need to work hard to please a Ghanaian because anything done effortlessly easily satisfies us.”

But that must change, the preacher stated with conviction.

Roadmap for Change

“We proclaim people as renowned even when they have achieved remarkably little.”

"If we change the forces that guide our nation; there has to be a change in our expectations in life, but that is not easy. When you have been used to something for a long time you won’t know it is bad."

He said the change that we require as a country must begin with people, individuals and they must be deliberate about it.

“You can change a government if things are not going well; you can even change your family but things will remain the same if you don’t change yourself.”

Providing a roadmap for change, Pastor Otabil said people must begin to learn something different and begin to associate with different people for that change to happen.

“Associate with people who model the things you want to become” he stated and charged the patrons to change their knowledge base.

He said people must go beyond the passive acquisition of knowledge through the radio, TV and the pulpit and be active about it by buying books and also being very conscious and deliberate about the programs they listen to or watch.

Hearts Connection

A staunch Hearts of Oak supporter and a sympathizer of Aston Villa, Pastor Otabil said the fortunes of Aston Villa have depressingly changed from what it used to be in the 60s.

Even though the team remains the same from the 60s till now, the people changed, this time for the worse.

Pastor Mensa Otabil said the people must change for the better and they must take concrete, deliberate actions towards making that change.

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