People are obsessed with a very large cow called Knickers

People are obsessed with a very large cow called Knickers
Date: 28-11-2018 Time: 04:11:03:pm

Over in Australia lives a very large cow.

Or, if we’re being technically accurate, a very large steer, which is a neutered male. His name is Knickers. He is 6 ft 4in tall standing and weighs 1,400kg.

That’s actually a tiny bit shorter than the steer that holds the world record for size, Bellino, who lives in Italy, but it is still very, very large.

So large, in fact, that he’s too big to be killed and sold as meat. Meat processors say they just can’t take him as he’s too large for them to deal with.

Looking at photos of Knickers next to other, normal-sized cows, we can see why meaty types wouldn’t want to bother with Knickers. He is a large boy.

Instead of being turned into burgers, Knickers will live out his days on the Lake Preston feedlot in Myalup, Australia.

And while he may not be much use for farmers, Knickers has found an important purpose: inspiring the people of the internet. Having seen photos of his majestic stature, people are flocking to proclaim Knickers their new icon and ruler.

Thank you, Knickers, for bringing the people of the internet into one uniting sentiment: that is a very large cow.

If you’re wondering how a cow became so large, the answer is we just don’t know.

Perth Now reports that Knickers’ owners bought him for $400 as a ‘coach’ – an animal that could lead the other animals on the farm. ‘It’s just a freaky thing,’ say his owners.