Chinese company ‘forces staff to drink urine as punishment’

Chinese company ‘forces staff to drink urine as punishment’
Date: 07-11-2018 Time: 02:11:54:pm

Disturbing footage shows staff at a Chinese company drinking urine and being whipped after ‘failing to reach their sales targets’.

They were filmed performing the sickening acts inside the office of a decorating company based in Zunyi city, in southwestern Guizhou Province.

The workers were also reportedly ordered to eat cockroaches by the management, who believed they had let the team down.

The video shows cups of yellow liquid being picked up by the staff, as two employees hold their noses as they down the cups in front of everyone else.

China urine

Two men are seen holding their noses as they down the urine

The employees are seen waiting in line to receive their punishment while some of the staff are whipped.

After the video went viral online, Zunyi police confirmed that three management staff, surnamed Guo, Cai and Huang, had been arrested pending investigation.

An unnamed former employee told local media about the alleged punishments, saying: ‘Everything was normal in the beginning.

‘Then they started hiring motivational speakers and things became really twisted.’ Some other staff were reportedly made to have their heads shaven as punishment.

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