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That's My Opinion: Why has Jesus refused to return?

That's My Opinion: Why has Jesus refused to return?
Source: Ghana || NSA
Date: 15-04-2019 Time: 05:04:00:pm

As Easter draws closer, we remember the death of Christ, and the sacrifice He made for us.

Many towns, including the little Republic of Adumasa, are getting ready. Church crusades are in full flight. Joy FM is getting ready for Easter soup kitchen.

Once a year, as a Christian or anyone who believes in charity, we make sure we put our 'goodness caps' on. And we've been doing this for hundreds of years, in anticipation of the 'return of Jesus Christ'. 

So, is it not worrying that Jesus has refused to Return? After 2,000 plus years?

Well on " That's My Opinion" today, we will get to the bottom of this mystery.

Join me to find out Why Jesus is refusing to come again on Joy 99.7FM and on


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