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FOGET holds career counselling, guidance session for JHS students

FOGET holds career counselling, guidance session for JHS students
Source: Ghana | | GN
Date: 11-02-2019 Time: 10:02:59:am

A youth-oriented and not for profit organisation, Foundation for Generational Thinkers (FOGET) has held career guidance and counselling session for final year Junior High School (JHS) students.

The programme was aimed at enabling the students to make right course choices as they progress to the Senior High level.

The career counselling and guidance programme dubbed “PASSCODE 2019”, was held in collaboration with Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS) Greater Accra Zone ‘5’ and saw over 40 schools and more than 800 students participating.

PASSCODE is an annual seminar organised on career counselling for Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates on “Unveiling the Secret of Career Excellence.”

The President of FOGET, Prosper Dan Afetsi, speaking on the topic: “Unlocking the greatness within you to impact generations,” helped the final year students to put into critical consideration the need to choose the right career.

He noted that because technology was now dictating the pace of employment, in few years to come many jobs like accounting, marketing, customer service and many others will become obsolete.

Mr Afetsi complaned at the event held last Friday at Mamprobi in Accra that Ghana’s education system is not dynamic enough to respond effectively and efficiently to the current times.

He said “in few years to come some jobs will become obsolete and they will be no more in existence. Unfortunately, our education system continues to create more unemployment...we are educated to search for jobs and not create jobs.  The system is not helping us to develop our talents.”

The FOGET President, hence, urged the youth to be considerate in the selection of their career, adding money, prestige and fame should not be the sole determiner or motivation for their choices but passion.

The chairman of GNAPS-Greater Accra Zone ‘5’ and Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) coordinator for private schools, Joseph Neequaye, said BECE is the crossing bridge for JHS students to climb up the education ladder.

Mr Neequaye said most private schools draw their strength from the performance of their students but it was time that the scope of BECE is broadened beyond just guiding students to write and pass the examination.

He BECE candidates should also be assisted to make the right choices in life.

To him, helping students to understand what is ahead of them after the exams is as important as preparing them for the basic examination.

Mr Neequaye urged parents to make time for their wards and even take the effort to study and understand their children’s weakness and capabilities in order to guide them with the selection of courses they wish to pursue in the Senior High School.

Michael Ackwerh, FOGET’s Programme and Media Coordinator, called for a rejuvenation of the counselling units of schools since most of the students seem to be confused about courses to pursue to earn their dream careers.


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