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Kaya tours, partners organise 'extraordinary' Keta-Lome trip

Kaya tours, partners organise 'extraordinary' Keta-Lome trip
Source: Ghana|
Date: 02-07-2019 Time: 02:07:53:pm

Kaya Tours Ghana Limited in partnership with Koppan Hospitality and VoyagesAfriq, successfully organised a three-day fun trip from Accra through Keta to Lomé in Togo.

The trip which began on Friday, June 28, saw the tourists chauffeured to the gorgeous Aborigines beach resort in Keta, where they were ushered to the beach front with exciting local ‘Borborbor and Agbadza” songs and dance. 


Keta means ‘head of the sand’ located in the Volta Region founded by the two sons of Amega, Akaga and Awanyado. Until 1963, Keta was the capital of the Volta Region before the sea storms washed away the ancient town.

Keta promises dauntless immersions in nature, adventure and history.

The charm of the land between the sea and lagoon is in its contemplative beauty.

The guests were thrilled with good music tunes from Feli Nuna, who also kept the visitors energised for hours while others interacted on sips of local drinks.

Kaya Tours

The 45 participants in the fun trip are made up of various professionals business developers and entrepreneurs, woke-up the next morning to an aerobics session supervised by a retired army officer.

Kaya Tours

The breeze from the sea, the sights and sounds of the waves made the morning fitness easy for many of the tourists. 

Kaya Tours

They visited Fort Prinzenstein built by the Danes in 1784 as a transit point for slaves from Togo, Dahomey {Benin] and Accra [Gold Coast] before they were shipped to the Americas.

The fort was used as a prison until it was damaged by a storm in 1980.

Today, the ruins of the fort managed by the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board, include dungeons, chains, shackles, stools, rusting cookware and other relics.

Kaya Tours

The next stop was the Cape St. Paul Lighthouse in Woe, built in 1802. The 120-meter staircase up the lighthouse narrows as one climbs.

Kaya Tours

The visitors a blast of fresh air overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, a panoramic view of the land, the beach and the houses dotting the scenery.

Kaya Tours

Keta is a rejuvenated escape to add to any domestic tour itinerary.


The participants yearned for more experience hence their bus departed for Lomé/Togo through the Aflao border.

kaya tours

After almost an hour of immigration border formalities, officials of the Ghana Immigration Service escorted the group to the French side of the border.

Kaya Tours

The fun bus drove through the principal streets of Lomé to Togo’s Independence Avenue and stopped at a local bar and supermarket for refreshment.

Le Samedi Soir est Toujours anime, meaning Saturday night is always buzzing.

The Bus finally stopped at Boulevard Du Mono near the Ministere De la Securite for a party at ‘’Before & After’’ night club.

Kaya Tours

The group returned to Keta around 2:00 am on Sunday

Kaya Tours

The next fun trip is scheduled for August and September 2019, at the Mole National Park and Axim–Abidjan, respectively

Kaya Tours

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