Pepsodent Ghana supports SOS children village 2019 Founder's Day celebration

Pepsodent Ghana supports SOS children village 2019 Founder's Day celebration
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Date: 24-06-2019 Time: 09:06:38:am

Ghana's leading oral care brand, Pepsodent, partnered with SOS Children Village to make the 2019 Founder’s Day a memorable one for the entire student body and the teachers as well.

The 2019 Founder’s Day, held on the 21st June, saw 600 children, gathering at the school's Azuma Hall for a day of special activities.

As part of the celebration, Pepsodent organized a free dental screening exercise and gave the children the opportunity to experience the groundbreaking virtual reality experience of oral health. Children were also coached by professionals who showed them the correct way to brush their teeth.

Pepsodent support

Pepsodent is a popular Unilever brand loved by many Ghanaians.

Pepsodent has championed the cause of educating individuals, both young and old, to brush twice daily, as well as enlightening them on the benefits of practicing good oral hygiene.

Since 2014, Pepsodent has reached 5 million school children with the ‘Brush Day and Night’ campaign all over the country.

In an interview with the Oral care Category Manager at Unilever Ghana, Joel Boateng, he mentioned that good oral hygiene is an essential element of general wellbeing, thus, it is a privilege for Pepsodent to go a step further and be more than just a product, by championing the brush twice daily which is a good way to impact lives and imbibe good health practices in the lifestyle of all Ghanaians and the world at large.

Pepsodent support

The assistant head of school, Mrs. Evangelina Awo, expressed her gratitude to Pepsodent, for taking part in their Founder’s Day celebration, especially because, oral health education is a big part of their school programs.

She also encouraged parents to brush day and night and teach their children to do the same, because their oral health contributes to academic excellence.

Pepsodent will continue the brush day and night campaign and plans to reach 10 million Ghanaians by 2023.

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