NSMQ2019: 1pt difference as OWASS dumps KASS, OKESS in Kumasi derby

NSMQ2019: 1pt difference as OWASS dumps KASS, OKESS in Kumasi derby
Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Oswald Azumah| oswald.azumah@myjoyonline.com
Date: 25-06-2019 Time: 06:06:28:pm
The joy of OWASS students was unmeasurable.

It was very tense ambiance at the R.S. Amegashie Auditorium at the University of Ghana Business School, after the Opoku Ware School (OWASS) picked the last riddle of the final round to regain their lead and the game!

OWASS finished what they began from Round One and have eliminated Kumasi city rivals, Anglican SHS, Kumasi (KASS) and Osei Kyeretwie SHS (OKESS).

The victory came only in the last second of the game; a true definition of a derby.

Despite OWASS leading throughout the contest, the gaps were so close that none of the supporters across the divide could afford to jubilate ahead of time.

And then it happened in the last round.

OWASS’ lead was toppled by KASS with the first two riddles of Round Five. They couldn’t believe it. What started as a sweet victory turned sour.

Then the third riddle came and OWASS go it and the last riddle came and OWASS rang and gave their answer, YES! The reply to their answer, they regained the lead from KASS and the duel was over.

The pains of defeat

OWASS won; KASS and OKESS must go back home and prepare a place for the boss.  

The final scores were: End of contest: Opoku Ware School: 52pts, Anglican SHS, Kumasi: 51pts, Osei Kyeretwie SHS: 37pts.

The defining moment in the game was the was Round Three, known as ‘Problem of the Day,’ most favourites who lose start their fall from glory from this point but OWASS stood their ground and made a perfect score; 10/10. 

KASS, however, made nine points, one point behind, just as the contest ended, thus the defining moment. OKESS trailed with 8/10 in the round.

OWASS, two-time winners are now in the quarterfinal of the Primetime quiz for the second year running.