NSMQ 2019: Wesley Girls too strong for Breman Asikuma, Akwamuman SHS

NSMQ 2019: Wesley Girls too strong for Breman Asikuma, Akwamuman SHS
Source: Ghana|myjoyonline.com|Janice Adjei
Date: 28-06-2019 Time: 06:06:47:pm
Wesley Girls SHS is the first all-girls school to qualify for the quarterfinals NSMQ 2019.

The Wesley Girls SHS have qualified for the quarterfinals of the National Science and Maths Quiz 2019.

The girls’ school took Breman Asikuma SHS and Akwamuman SHS out of the contest Friday evening.

Throughout the quiz, the girls showed fast and accurate reflexes as they answered the questions that were asked by Dr. Elsie Effah Kauffman.

The Wesley fans cheered and supported their school wholeheartedly -whether their answers were right or wrong.

The points the girls made were impressive as well although they got only 2 points in the third round.


The quiz started tough. All contestants were on their toes as they tried to answer every question right. But Wesley Girls took charge of the round and their questions. Breman Asikuma and Akwamuman missed their last questions and got 5 points and 13 points respectively. Wesley Girls led with 21 points.


The questions in this round are asked to all 3 schools simultaneously. Akwamuman answered the first question after Wesley Girls missed it. Yet the ladies were not going to give up their position. They rang their bells fast and answered accurately. Wesley Girls maintained the first place with 37 points. Akwamuman followed with 14 points and Breman Asikuma stayed in the bottom with 4 points.


A physics problem was given to the schools to solve. After submission and assessment of the solutions, Breman Asikuma and Akwamuman had no points at all out of a possible 10 points for all schools. Wesley Girls had 2 points.


The contestants are presented statements for which they are to answer for 2 points. They lose a mark when they answer wrongly. Wesley Girls were still on top of their game and ended the round with a whopping 49 points. Akwamuman managed to attain 21 points and Breman Asikuma got 14 points.


The last round and all contestants answer the riddles. Breman Asikuma sadly took the last place with 14 points. Akwamuman had 24 points for second place. The Wesley Girls won the contest with 55 points.

The Wesley students waved their sashes and cheered after they were declared winners. They are through to the quarterfinals

Saturday’s quiz starts with Aburi Girls’ SHS, Kpando SHS and Kumasi High School. It will take place at the R. S. Amegashie at University Ghana Business School.