Israeli Ambassador lauds gov't's support for women’s dev't

Israeli Ambassador lauds gov't's support for women’s dev't
Source: Ghana| Myjoyonline.com |Abubakar Ibrahim
Date: 15-05-2019 Time: 05:05:36:pm

The Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone has lauded government’s support for women’s empowerment in the country.

Shani Cooper said government is going to great length to develop Ghanaian women’s capacity even though most of them are not economically and culturally independent.

Speaking at a meeting of corporate women in Accra, she noted that a lot of cultural factors are hindering Ghanaian women who aspired to fly higher and those shackles need to be broken to enable them to fly. 

She said her government will work with the Ghana government not only to make women independent financially but also empower them to stand on their own in the governance of the country.

The meeting was organised by Women-Soaring Higher Achieving Real Excellence-SHARE, under StratComm Africa, in collaboration with the Embassy of Israeli, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

The Programme, which brought together women leaders, was under the theme: ‘The Power of Womanhood as Change-Actors’.

The Israeli Agency for International Development Cooperation since 1958 (MASHAV) had contributed in training over 2,000 Ghanaian professionals in the fields of agriculture, health, education and women empowerment which women had benefitted.

Madam Cooper disclosed that between 2017 and 2018, about 70 Ghanaian professionals had received training in various MASHAV courses in Israel and Ghana.

Specific courses were designed for women especially in Agric aimed at empowering them.

On her part, an Consultant on Female Empowerment and Capacity Building, Ilana Rita Brand, charged the participants to be willing to help each other as women and develop each other. 

“You should not allow problems to stop you from bringing transformation into their communities but always see opportunities as a stepping stone to greatness,” she said.

She advised them not to only wait for big moments to bring about changes but look for every opportunity to transform the world.

CEO of StratComm, Esther Cobbah, encouraged women to learn to share their dreams, fear, anger, experiences, among other things to get themselves revived.

She said the world had women leaders because some people shared their ideas.

Madam Cobbah said it was well-positioned to help people and institutions to improve using communication as a tool.

The CEO explained that the Organisation was culturally sensitive as it worked with both rural and urban entities using different kinds of engagements.

Participants encouraged women to learn not to be judgmental, encourage others to do better when they made mistakes as well as build more relationships.