Snakes drive President Weah out of office

Snakes drive President Weah out of office
Source: Sky News
Date: 20-04-2019 Time: 11:04:27:am
President of Liberia, George Weah

Liberia's president and African player of the century is being forced to work from home after two snakes were found in his office block.

George Weah, along with other people, has been told to stay away from the ministry of foreign affairs until the building can be fumigated after the reptiles were spotted on the ground floor.

Liberia is home to poisonous snakes and so officials have decided not to take any chances.

The black snakes were seen emerging from a hole in the wall in the building's reception area.

It is only a few weeks since the same building was last closed for fumigation, as it was shut between 29 March and 1 April.

The building is expected to be reopened by Monday.

Deputy press secretary Smith Toby said the fumigation began to take care of "creeping and crawling things".