NSMQ 2019: Aquinas, Nkwatia Presby bow to Achimota

NSMQ 2019: Aquinas, Nkwatia Presby bow to Achimota
Source: Ghana|myjoyonline.com|Janice Adjei
Date: 28-06-2019 Time: 04:06:23:pm
St. Thomas Aquinas and Nkwatia Presby are out of the NSMQ 2019.

St. Thomas Aquinas SHS and Nkwatia Presby SHS have been kicked out of the National Science and Maths Quiz by Achimota SHS, Friday afternoon.

It was mixed emotions -both jubilant and sorrowful- after the mixed school was declared the winner.

The Achimota fans cheered and celebrated hard after the tough quiz, leaving the other schools with lowered heads and uncontrollable tears.

Achimota SHS is the only mixed school to have won the NSMQ amongst the various boys’ schools with the winning record.

There is, therefore, the hope to gain the trophy again.


This round is known for its fundamental and basic questions. All contestants seemed composed despite Nkwatia’s many incorrect answers. The Achimota contestants ended the quiz with bonus points and took first place with a total of 18 points. 14 points went to St. Thomas Aquinas and 12 points to Nkwatia Presby SHS.


The speed race round, ring the bell and answer right for three marks. Miss the answer and lose a mark. Unfortunately, the first question had no correct answers from the contestants. But the tough competition went on as contestants rang their bells and answered away. Presby Nkwatia SHS made a big come back and ended the round with 19 points. Achimota took second place with 18 points and Thomas Aquinas, 16 points.


One of the toughest rounds where contestants solve the problem of the day. The problem of the day was a mathematics problem about differentiation in Calculus. Nkwatia SHS dropped again with no points at all in this round. The Aquinas boys and Achimota acquired three points each.


Nkwatia SHS started with an incorrect answer and kept on going with them. “Oh no,” Dr. Elsie Kauffmann, the quiz mistress reacted. Both Thomas Aquinas and Nkwatia SHS ended the round with incorrect answers but Thomas Aquinas topped with 28 points. Nkwatia SHS had 24 points and Achimota got 25 points.


The final round started with incorrect answers to the first riddle. But the Achimota contestants took over the round and with every right answer, their fans cheered hard. Nkwatia SHS took the last place with 24 points. St Thomas Aquinas had 28 points.

The R. S. Amegashie auditorium was filled with cheers and jubilating shouts from the Achimota students. The school has therefore qualified for quarterfinals and they hope that the trophy is theirs this year.

Wesley Girls High School, Breman Asikuma SHS, and Akwamuman SHS are the third batch to contest for the NSMQ 2019 Friday evening.