This March, even the Big Six are locked on Joy 99.7 for Ghana Month

This March, even the Big Six are locked on Joy 99.7 for Ghana Month
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Date: 01-03-2019 Time: 11:03:04:am

As salmons swim back from the ocean to return to the very waters of their birth, there is one month when Ghanaians swim back to a time when their nationality became free and gained independence.

That moment made in March 1957, is now known as Ghana Month. And as fishes swim with fins, Ghanaians swim back with Joy FM with exciting paddling fins.

This month with 99.7% program execution accuracy and creativity, join your superstation to celebrate our “Ghanaia-ness” and 62 years of statehood.

Of course, as fashion is a test of a man’s seriousness, we are rocking from Day 1 our African prints in all seriousness. Be bold in your taste, wild in your colours and confident in your strides, strutting it to work and back.

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Joy FM programming changes to reflect our Ghana month from the Super Morning Show, Cosmopolitian Mix and Drive Time. You will hear romantic Ga songs that can spark the bedroom language faster than Celine Dion and Borborbor will jump start your senses at work as the Ewe musicians cheer you on at work to give off your best.

And whilst we learn about Ghana on air, on land we are set to explore Ghana.

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The 2018 edition of the Ghana Month

Expect tours and life-changing expeditions across the country to lock in our nature’s sights, which is unrivalled by man-made architecture in big cities.

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Remember that trip to Mt. Afadjato? Yeah some friendships made on the mountains will outlast those made on the plains of the city.

This month, Joy FM will help you eat food in vogue before the Portuguese first set foot at the coast in 1471.

And when food and fashion meet, there you have a party in our midst. So expect the ultimate Ghana party this month with Joy 99.7.

This month, the Big Six (wherever they are) are locked on to Joy FM as they watch you enjoy the fruits of their political labour that has given you a proud passport and a sense of identity in a world of more than 194 countries.

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