Allianz Ghana takes clean-up campaign to Tema Mighty beach

Allianz Ghana takes clean-up campaign to Tema Mighty beach
Source: Ghana|
Date: 27-05-2019 Time: 09:05:23:pm
A group photo after the clean up exercise

As part of its campaign to rid beaches of filth, Allianz Ghana (Life & Non-Life Insurance) organized a clean-up  exercise at the Villa Posillipo beach resort formerly known Mighty beach in Tema.

The initiative which is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility campaign known as ‘Allianz Creates Through Waste’ is aimed at the collection of plastic waste for recycling.

Mighty Beach, which is used by fishermen a landing beach has been engulfed by filth. Fishermen complain of getting more rubbish in their fishing net than fish when they cast their nets to fish.

This, Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Life Insurance, Gideon Ataraire said by cleaning the beach, Allianz hopes to improve the sanitation situation at the beach and improve the livelihood of the fishermen.

He noted that, company through its CRS project, ‘Allianz Creates through Waste’ is also providing employment for waster pickers, mostly women, who will go round to collect the plastic waste at a fee.

Mr Ataraire said the clean-up exercise forms part of a wider project to sensitize communities, introduce them to alternative uses of plastic and the need to prevent plastic pollution.

He stressed that, waste management is a shared responsibility for all those in the value chain but most importantly, the mindset of consumers and the need for change if the nation is to win the war against plastic waste.

Mr. Ataraire said their next point of call will be the various malls to encourage them to use other material other than plastic bags for packaging.

Meanwhile, part of Allianz Ghana’s new project will see it provide bins for plastic waste at local beaches, which will then be transported to a partner company, which will recycle the material into blocks that will pave the Abelenkpe 2 Basic School in Accra.