2nd edition of 'ICONSPT Rehab' launched

2nd edition of 'ICONSPT Rehab' launched
Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com
Date: 30-05-2019 Time: 05:05:24:pm

PRMD Communications has launched its 2nd edition of the International Conference on Sports, Physical Therapy and Rehab (ICONSPT).

The event seeks to promote physiotherapy in Ghana, and is in partnership with the George Fox University (USA).

Speaking at the launch, Managing Director for PRMD Communications, Esther Ama Egbuka, said, studies conducted to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of physiotherapists towards health promotion has been on the low. “And ICONSPT is targeted at contributing to the physical health of Ghanaians through physical therapy and rehabilitation.”

She mentioned that PRMD recognises the intense nature of physiotherapy, and is imperative that keen consideration is attached to the profession to curb avoidable deaths as a result of physical disorders.

“Physiotherapy deals with treatments of arthritis, sprains, back pain, incontinence, bursitis, strains, posture problems, sports and workplace injuries,” she said, lamenting that although these forms of ailments continue to undermine the working class of the country, physiotherapy has been isolated largely in this regard.

President of the West African Physiotherapist Association, Dr. Jonathan Quartey at the launch re-emphasised that it is high time Ghanaians took a keen interest in physiotherapy treatments.

He said, the basics of physiotherapists essentially are movement of function expert and provides prevention as far as healthy living lifestyle is concerned. 

He stressed, it is crucial that the Ghanaian populace engage in frequent exercise and eat healthy as it forms part of physiotherapy.

According to him, physiotherapy is not a one-time engagement and can span within weeks. He commended organisers of the initiative to contribute to public health. 

“It is important to note that rehabilitation is big and physiotherapy is one of the key component of rehabilitation especially in the area of sports. And therefore I think is actually a wonderful idea that PRMD, organisers of ICONSPT has decided to run this program on yearly basis in partnership with George Fox University,” he said.

He again urges PRMD to engage with all stakeholders to ensure current and subsequent programs encompasses the targetted people to achieve the desired results.

ICONSPT Rehab is a towering forum which is related to sports, physical therapy, rehabilitation, stroke, orthopedic, physical health and conditions. Is an annual event organised by PRMD Communications in partnership with George Fox University.

This year’s conference is expected to accommodate about 1000 participants, with Prof. Cuddeford Tyler, Director of Neuro/Sports/Orthopedics and Director of physical health program at George Fox University, as the main facilitator and including other physical therapy professors from the USA.

The event is supported by the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ghana health Service (GHS) and its affiliated institutions including Nurses and Midwifery Council (N&MC), Allied Health Professionals Council (AHPC), Ghana Federation of Traditional Medicine Practitioners (GHAFTRAM), National Sports Authority (NSA) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The event is directly related to health and wellness not only for sports persons but also for people who are agonised with most of the diseases and disorders which are directly and indirectly to the physical health.