The Principal of the British International School is worried about the challenges children in public schools face accessing virtual learning while they stay at home with no devices.

Franklin Adjetey said on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Tuesday, that it is high time government starts thinking about merging education with technology because, after Covid-19 pandemic education and the learning process will change.

“The only way is to get them a device but then how? It comes at a cost,” he said. 

“We have our platform and we’ve opened it up to students who are really not enrolled in our school,” Mr Adjetey disclosed.

Although this initiative by the British International School helps external students learn from home, a majority of the students do not have access to devices that enable them to engage in the school’s online learning systems.

Mr Adjetey urges government to step in to provide a means to make it possible for students in public schools to also get a chance to learn online from home going forward.

“Education without technology will not make too much sense anymore [post Covid-19]. We are getting to the point where government schools and international schools will come to the same level,” he said.

“It is becoming important that you must have a device and must have access to the internet.”

He also stressed that the world has evolved and there’s a serious industrial revolution that’s going to take place. 

“People must move away from emotional decisions into a place of reason, critical thinking and even [begin to] question the status quo,” Mr Adjetey said.