Navrongo SHS has eliminated T. I. AMASS Potsin and T. I. AMASS Kumasi in the one-eighth contest to proceed to the quarter-final stage of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

Leading Navrongo SHS to victory on Wednesday at the University of Ghana were contestants; Akansise Bismark and Mbabila Samuel.

Team members Jimmy Kodwo Essel and Kwadwo Ewusi represented T.I. AMASS, Potsin and T.I. AMASS Kumasi was represented by Cide Abdul Wahab and Marvin Osei Kuffour.

Sandwiched by the 2 T.I. Amass’, Navrongo SHS maintained resolute for a win throughout the contest.

Navrongo SHS took an early lead with 17 points in the first round. T.I. AMASS, Potsin and Kumasi followed after with 13 and 8 points respectively.

The speed race was a very competitive round as 2 points separated all three schools.

T.I. AMASS, Potsin took the lead with 18 points in that round as Navrongo SHS came after with 16 points, and Kumasi T.I. AMASS who scored 0 points after Problem of the Day remained in the last position with 14 points.

Both T.I. AMASS, Potsin and Navrongo SHS scored 6 points. However, T.I. AMASS, Potsin was still in the lead at the end of that round.

Navrongo SHS turned the tides in their favour increasing their tally on the score sheet to 35 points. Unfortunately, T. I. AMASS, Potsin and Kumasi fell behind with schools with 28 and 24 points.

At the end of the contest, Navrongo SHS advanced to the next stage of the contest with 41 points on the score table. T. I. AMASS, Potsin and T. I. AMASS, Kumasi were eliminated with a margin of two points between both schools with 30 points and 28 points respectively.