Ola SHS has made it to the quarter-final stage after eliminating Chemu SHS and St Rose’s SHS in the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) held at the University of Ghana.

Ola SHS was represented by Evangeline Winner and Amenyo Benedicta, and Portia Adwoa Ankomah and Lillian Addo stood in for St Rose’s SHS.

Following a devastating defeat in last year’s contest, Ola SHS started this year’s contest with a quick lead in the first round with 20 points.

Chemu SHS and St Rose’s SHS secured 14 and 8 points respectively at the end of the same round.

As Ola SHS and Chemu SHS increased their score by 4 points in the speed race, St Rose’s SHS fell behind with 3 points as they failed to answer questions their questions correctly.

At the end of round 2, the scoreboard read as follows: 24 points for Ola SHS, Chemu SHS with 18 and St Roses with only 5 points.

The contest became more intense in round 3, ‘Problem of the Day’.

The three schools earned 6 points as the third round came to an end. In the lead was Ola SHS with 30 points, Chemu SHS and St Rose’s SHS with 24 and 11 points.

In Round four, Evangeline Winner and Amenyo Benedicta kept up their performance and increased their tally to 43 points.

The Tema-based school followed with 34 points. St Rose’s SHS was at the bottom of the pack with 21 points.

At the end of the contest, Ola SHS progressed to the quarter-final stage, kicking out Chemu SHS and St Roses SHS.