Day Three of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) gave a lot of ooh and aah moments as some of the contest’s former winner made their 1/8th appearances.

After the shocking exit of two-time winners Mfantsipim, many were anticipating what fellow three-times champion St. Peter’s School will do.

The anticipated contest which featured Michael Obeng of St Peter’s SHS gave high expectations of outstanding performance and famous Bible quotes.

And true to form, the boy’s from Nkwatia did not disappoint as they ended the competition as the highest-scoring school in the contest this year.

Persco kicked out Berekum SHS with a 40 points difference and Notre Dame Girls’ SHS with 58 points.

Displaying great sportsmanship and wit were Anthony Asante and Michael Obeng who represented St Peter’s SHS.

The Nkwatia-based school did not only win the contest but also secured the Goil Bonanza and AirtelTigo Highest Scorer bags.

From the word go, the Persco boys made their intentions clear in Round One by leading the pack with 21 points. Berekum SHS and Notre Dame Girls’ SHS were nowhere to be found as they scored 11 and 6 points respectively.

Answering almost all questions before completion in the Speed Race, the valiant warriors of St Peter’s SHS dominated Round Two with 37 points.

Berekum SHS and Notre Dame Girls’ SHS were dazed by the “God led” team as they could only secure 19 points and 6 points respectively.

A difficult river to cross was the “Problem of the Day” in Round Three as St Peter’s and Berekum SHS earned a point each. Notre Dame Girls’ SHS who was nowhere to be found could not make a point.

Doubling the point of Berekum SHS, the undisputed champions led Round Four with 56 points as they answered all ‘Ture or False’ questions correctly.

Unfortunately, Notre Dame Girls’ SHS sat at the bottom of the pack with 10 points.

It was a decisive win for the Persco boys as they eliminated their contending schools with 68 points at the end of the contest.