Ghana National College stood tall as one of this year’s high-scoring schools as they progressed to the next stage of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

Ferguson Kpakpo and Manuella Mensah who represented the Cape Coast-based school made easy work of Tepa SHS and Akatsi SHTS on Thursday morning.

Ghana National College’s thirst for a win secured them 8 points in round one. Giving them a run for their money, Tepa SHS followed closely with 7 points. Unable to find their bearing, Akatsi SHTS earned 1 point.

As fast as a cheetah, Ghana National College outdid the contending schools in Round 2 to ballon to 22 points.

The tides of the speed race overcame Tepa SHS and Akasti SHTS. The two schools scored 7 points and 0 points respectively.

Tepa and Akatsi SHS were overwhelmed in Round 3 and could not secure a point. Ferguson Kpakpo and Manuella Mensah of Ghana National College scored 2 points in the ‘Problem of the Day’.

With a difference of 22 points in round four, the invincible Ghana National College secured a good lead over the other schools. Tepa SHS and Akatsi SHS were no match for the Cape Coast-based school.

Answering the first, third and last riddle in Round 5, it was a decisive win and an outstanding performance for Ghana National College at the end of the contest.

A better chance next year for Tepa SHS and Akatsi SHS who got eliminated with 14 points and 13 points.